Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses Review

Hey Beauties! Have you ever wanted to change your eye color? Well, now you can with Spooky Eyes! You can change your eyes to any color. Blue, green, gold, grey, yellow, red, etc. Spooky Eyes has a great selection of contact lenses for Halloween! Including blackout, cat's eye, devil, vampire, werewolf, zombie, etc. And if those are too spooky for you, check out there floral, sparkle and party contact lenses. There is something for everyone on their website. Including solution and care kits for your special contact lenses. These lenses combine style, comfort and quality, and are
FDA approved!
I was able to try the Brown 3 Tone Contact Lenses. They can be found here. They are so cool! Very easy to apply and remove. Perfect for a little change to your eyes! I really like how the contact lenses fit on my eye. I had no movement when blinking and no falling out of my eye. I did notice while wearing them, that they take a little getting use to. I noticed that I got a little blurriness when looking in a certain direction. I would say not to use them while driving, until you get use to them. | $23.95

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