Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tone Pink Peony & Rose Oil Body Wash Review

Hey Beauties! Today on my blog, I have one of Tone's new body washes! In Tone's new Pink Peony & Rose Oil Body Wash, you can smell the sweet aroma of rose. But don't forget about the fragrant peony that makes your skin smell ahh-mazing! What a perfect floral duo! This body wash is sure to make your skin feel "Petal Soft". I loved the way it made my skin feel subtle and smooth. I have not stopped using it! I have made it part of my daily wash routine.  Tone's new body wash is complete with vitamin E.

To use:
Squeeze a small amount onto a wet pouf or wash cloth. Work into a moisture-rich lather and rinse! (and make sure to smell your skin)!

Some cool facts:
  • You need 2 1/2 dozen roses to make 1 drop of rose oil
  • Rose calms and supports the heart
  • Rose oil has been known to bring the female hormones back into balance and help with regulating the period and improving fertility
  • Peony is used for gout
  • Peony helps relieve cracked skin
  • Peony may also prevent blood clotting and act as an antioxidant
  • Rose and Peony are used in many skin care products and also used in tea
So now you can say that by using this body wash, it's not only good for your skin, it's good for your body in general.  So grab a bottle (or 2) today!

Sample provided by bzzagent

*The Beaute Bee*

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