Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Napwell: The Worlds First Napping Mask Review

The Worlds First Napping Mask by Napwell is designed to boost productivity by helping people nap more efficiently. Have you ever taken an afternoon nap only to wake up feeling groggy and lousy? Well, the Napwell napping mask was invented to stop those yucky feelings. The Napwell solves this problem by allowing you to set the duration of your nap and then before you wake up, it's luminous interior gradually brightens to wake you up naturally. It's designed for people who work hectic work hours and want to wake up from a nap feel refreshed, frequent flyers trying to get over jet lag, people who work night shifts but still want to wake up to a sunrise and people with sleep disorders. A nap throughout the day is good because naps can boost your memory, creative, and ability to learn new things. Watch out for the newest Napping Mask! It's headed our way in 2014!

 If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please email info@napwell.com.


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