Monday, January 26, 2015

The Ultimate Immune System Formula Review

Hello all! Bring on the SNOW! Are you ready? Me, I am. But, only because I am not getting 30 inches! Stay safe, please!! Well, today on the blog I have an Immune System
booster from Hyperbiotics! Check it out!
About the Product
Many of the products marketed for immune system strength only stimulate or boost rather than fortify the immune system. This formula is different in that it addresses immune function on multiple levels, promoting authentic and whole-body wellness.
80% of your immune system is in your gut, and when probiotics (the good guys) are abundant in your body, it becomes harder for the disease causing bacteria (the bad guys) to settle in.
Hyperbiotics Immune is uniquely formulated for advanced immune support:

5 Broad Spectrum Probiotic Strains to counter the nuking effects of today's broad spectrum antibiotics, repopulate your gut and keep you well.

500mg of EpiCor, a fermented (deactivated) yeast superfood that works in three ways - first, it helps strengthen your body’s first line of defense, your skin and mucous membranes. Second, it stimulates the three major types of immune cells. And third, it supports the production of T-cell and B-cell immune factors. * To learn more about how EpiCor works, watch this short video here:

The Immune System Triad. Using controlled-release technology, this formula delivers a powerful punch of bioavailable Vitamin C (500mg), Echinacea (100mg) and Chelate Zinc (100mg).
Stay well all winter long, during times of travel or elevated stress levels with this Immune Booster. A great boost for everyday Immune System support. Taken 2x daily. I took these pills right after I had my baby. I was in the hospital for 4 days and I was afraid that I was going to catch something. Luckily, I did not. And, I believe it was because I took these pills everyday. I also got the added bonus of having the probiotics, which got my system going again after childbirth. The pills are easy to swallow and don't have a yucky after taste. I would recommend these pills to anyone but mostly to people who work at schools, daycares, hospitals and doctors offices.
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