Thursday, March 19, 2015

Organic Dandelion Root Tea from Kiss Me Organics Review & Photos

Hey, there! Welcome to Beaute and the Bee.. Today on my blog, I have Organic Dandelion Root Tea from Kiss Me Organics. Read below and please leave me comments :)

 There are some great benefits from drinking this tea:

1. SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION, KIDNEY HEALTH & LIVER FUNCTION Detox the liver and kidneys from toxins that can build up over time. Healthy digestion helps the body to absorb more nutrients and improve physical and cognitive functions.

2. RAW & ORGANIC Raw Dandelion Root is extremely nutrient rich and provides more vital minerals and vitamins to your body when compared to roasted Dandelion Root.

3. VITAMIN RICH Raw Dandelion root is rich in Vitamins A, C, D and B-complex plus Iron, Potassium and Zinc. A diet rich in these nutrients can help treat mood disorders, liver disorders and boost a weakened immune system.

4. HIBISCUS & CINNAMON While enhancing the earthy flavor, and adding a hint of flowery sweetness to every cup; Hibiscus has been shown to help regulate blood pressure and Cinnamon has been shown to regulate blood sugar and reduce bad cholesterol.

My Thoughts:
The tea has a nice, smooth taste to it. The flavors combine well together for an all around perfect cup of tea. I can really taste the cinnamon. And, I can really smell the Hibiscus when brewing. The tea only takes 2-3 minutes to brew. Has zero calories. Or, sweeten to your liking. I would recommend this tea to anyone. Especially if they are trying to boost their Immune System, regulate their blood sugar or someone who has gallbladder issues or kidney stones. It's USDA Organic and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee! When you order through Amazon, you'll receive 5 boxes of tea. Each box had 20 tea bags. I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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